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NASSAU, The Bahamas – Regatta Desk Co-Ordinator for the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Ms. Angelique McKay poses, on April 12, 2012, with Brand Representative for Burns House Mr. Philip Davis (left) and musician, producer, engineer and one of the judges for the competition Mr. Colyn McDonald, during the press conference announcing the official launch of a National Regatta Song Competition. (BIS Photo / Eric Rose)

NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture officially announced, on April 12, 2012, the introduction of a National Regatta Song Competition with various prizes and opportunities.

Regatta Desk Co-Ordinator for the Ministry Ms. Angelique McKay said that the new initiative is a result of a partnership with corporative entities – currently Burns House and Kalik Beer, Dungeon Studios and Quick Draw productions – and some persons from the cultural community.

“We are asking all Bahamians from the north and straight down to Inagua to submit material for the competition,” Ms. McKay said.  “The competition will run for four weeks and, at the end of the competition, a select committee of judges who are all musicians and entertainers will decide on the winning song.”

Entry forms are available at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture or they can be filled out when they are dropped off at the Ministry, in care of the Regatta Desk.  The deadline for submissions will be May 11, 2012.

The winner will be awarded with professional production of the song with airplay on radio stations, performances at various regattas, and the opportunity for a special project.

Brand Representative for Burns House Mr. Philip Davis said that, when the company was approached by Ms. McKay and the Ministry, Burns House thought that it was appropriate that Kalik “being the best beer in The Bahamas” be a part of the search for the best regatta song.

“We know that when you go to regattas that, definitely, the types of songs that you play helps create the atmosphere,” Mr. Davis said.  “That being joined up with the festivities and drinks that you would consume, Kalik would be a perfect fit in this.”

“Kalik has decided that we would come on board and the winner of this competition would be producing a jungle for Kalik,” he added.  “That means there would be an ad played on the radio stations, meaning that they would be more familiar to the general public.

“We see this as a ‘win-win’ situation for Kalik, the Ministry, the committee and Bahamians in general.  We would like to have this feeling of camaraderie and support from everywhere in The Bahamas because that is the only way things here will move forward and grow.  We are a proud supporter of this and looking forward to the outcome.”

Musician, producer, engineer and one of the judges for the competition Mr. Colyn McDonald said he is happy to part of the process and anything that furthers Bahamian artistic expression.

“It really is a song competition and we are asking for participants to submit the songs lyrics and a basic recording of the melody,” Mr. McDonald said.  “We are not asking for it to actually be done in studio because one of the prizes is for the song to be produced professionally.

“You can it on any recording device that you might have – your smartphone or I-pad or whatever – as long as the judges can hear it.  That is all the judges are asking for in terms of recording.  If you want to submit something more elaborate, that is up to you.”

Mr. McDonald added that the song must be written and performed by a Bahamian and in a Bahamian musical genre, such as Junkanoo, Goombay or Rake-n-Scrape.

The other judges are Funky D, Kirkland “K.B.” Bodie and Ms. McKay.

Ms. McKay also encouraged other private sector partners to come aboard with this initiative.

“An important role of this Ministry in this initiative is to get additional Bahamian songs and music out there, especially those associated with regattas,” Ms. McKay said.  We are trying to let people really know what goes on at regattas; so we are trying through this song competition to let songwriters speak about what happens at a regatta.”

“What we are trying to do is launch a new initiative into every new regatta in this 2012 season,” Ms. McKay added.

“We are also asking that our cultural community assist us in exposing persons who visit regattas to others areas of our culture,” she said.  “Feel free to call us at the Minstry to give us ideas that you think might make a regatta experience better and we will see if we can infuse it.  We are really wanting to partner with the cultural community as we go forward.”

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