Christian Council Remains Against Lottery

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The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) said its stands “diametrically opposed” to gambling and if a referendum is held it would do everything in its power to make that position known.

Responding to a promise made by the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) on the campaign trail to hold a referendum on a national lottery and gambling within its first 100 days, President of the BCC Rev. Dr. Ranford Patterson said the council “would preach the message” concerning gambling.

He was speaking at a press conference at Cousin McPhee Cathedral on Carmichael Road.

Patterson said he still thinks more people are opposed to gambling than those who support it.

“I took an interest and drove around the other day [and] I have not seen one gambling house or one café… in Lyford Cay,” he said. “I haven’t seen any in Cable Beach; I’ve not seen any out east; [and] none in Blair either.”

Patterson said he does not think the owners of gambling operations live in the depressed areas where their businesses are located.

Despite this, Patterson said the council will support the government in all of its endeavors. “It is time for us to put down our colors and unite as one Bahamas,” he said.

He continued, “We have a great country to build, so let us all get involved and do our part to make this the best little country in the world.

“If the government fails, we all lose. If they succeed, we all win. So let us all help the government of The Bahamas to succeed so we all can win.”

Patterson also responded to United States President Barack Obama’s recent announcement that he supports gay marriage.

“Marriage is between a man and a woman,” Patterson said. “That’s our position. It’s not going to change.

“People always say if America sneezes The Bahamas [will] catch the cold. That’s what they believe. I strongly believe that there are still some moral issues in this country that we hold dear.”

Patterson was responding to a question from a reporter. He said he believes that there is nothing that will cause Bahamians to go against the word of God.

“We know we have a fight,” he said. “The church is in a battle every day. We understand this and we are prepared to fight this battle.”

Travis Cartwright-Carroll
The Nassau Guardian

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