Evil Triumphs!

Monday 07th, May 2012 / 22:10 Published by

PLP rats

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has conceded the election to the PLP in one of the darkest days in Bahamian history.

Despite his outstanding performance as Prime Minister, Mr Ingraham was voted from office by a country unappreciative of good governance.

Perry Christie, whose party is rife with selfish and corrupt politicians was favoured by the majority of Bahamians,  whose inferior intellect and criminal-minded nature embraced an organization known for scandals and incompetence.

It is expected that Mr Christie and his cronies will consider the election results as a mandate to return to the dark days of  Bahamian history with victimization, corruption and international disrespect as the norm.

Criminals and drug gangs are celebrating in the streets knowing that their operations will now go unfettered.

International investors are already cringing and many, many good moral people are making plans to leave the country, not wanting to wait for the inevitable collapse of the economy and the return to lawlessness.

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5 Comments on “Evil Triumphs!

  • It is written – There is something being done on earth that is pointless. Righteous people suffer for what the wicked do, and wicked people get what the righteous deserve. I say that even this is pointless. Ingraham’s legacy of creating a genuine revolution in the way Bahamians see themselves resulted in them calling on A GOD WHO ANSWERS BY FIRE, MELTING THE IRON AND FORCE OF EVIL HE WIELDED OVER THIS LAND. Human sacrifices and the blood of 500 people with him desiring power without seeing this will not work truly shows how evil triumphs until GOD intervenes.

  • This place is going to hell in a handbag. Ya can’t save people who don’t want to be saved.

  • It is not just disappointing. It is beyond logic how right-thinking Bahamians can choose people who have proven themselves to be corrupt and incompetent as their leaders.

    • The problem with the corrupt party argument is that it implies the FNM is “holier that thou” and don’t have corruption. People react when you take food out of their mouth, point blank.

      • however, you’re implying that it was the FNM gov’t that willfully took the food out of Bahamians’ mouths. watch carefully sir/ma’am…….all world leaders who were in place during this global recession are taking the fall for it. it’s nonsensical to attribute the economic downturn to the gov’t in power…..but that’s what people essentially did. all i will say is this……i am thankful & fortunate that the FNM was in power when this happened. otherwise, only the good Lord knows how our last 5 years would have turned out.

        the people deserve what they voted for. hope we’re still standing in 2017.


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