Maybe Nellie Day Was Right

Wednesday 30th, May 2012 / 10:04 Published by
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There was no hurricane.

There was no storm.  There wasn’t even excessive usage.

Nonetheless, the power went out in New Providence last night, and in some areas for up to seven hours.

Maybe Nelie Day was right.

Bahamians were outraged that the novice travel writer dared to imply that some Bahamians lived in straw huts.  They lambasted her on Facebook for being “so ignorant” about Bahamians life and culture.

Many Bahamians insisted that Ms Day be fired from her free-lance writing job at and demanded that the website pull the article off the web (which it did).

“She made us look like we lived in a third-world hovel”, said one irate nationalist, during the storm of protest on Facebook.

Well, nothing says third-world like the inability to keep the power on. Especially when it goes off for seven hours, without warning and for no apparent reason.

One young man even posted a video featuring him wearing a straw hat, in the dark, facetiously complaining about how he lived in a straw hut without electricity. He thought he was funny.

How hard was he laughing last night while he really did sit in the dark?

Bahamians tripped over themselves to attack Ms Day on Facebook after her admitedly foolish, but innocent mistake.

Wonder how many of those same Bahamians will swarm to Facebook to castigate the incompetents at BEC for putting us back in the dark ages, and bringing Nellie Day’s illusion of The Bahamas as a third-world hovel to a reality.


4 Comments on “Maybe Nellie Day Was Right

  • What was innocent about publishing something that is a lie, claim it to be a fact and still lie in a half-@ssed apology. We have our problems but get your facts straight.

    • It was innocent because Ms Day did not actually intend to mislead, she was just ignorant, like you. If ignorance were a crime, most Bahamians would be in jail. Well, probably not, because with our court system nobody goes to jail, not even murderers.

  • Thanks for the info Lionfish. It seems that I may have been too harsh on BEC. Nonsense! lol If an island-wide power outage can be accomplished so simply, then BEC needs to better fortify their infrastructure. They also need to be sure their protective relays do not “malfunction”. And they need to learn how to redirect or reroute power in cases of emergency. Otherwise a “terrorist” could knock us all offline in a flash. BEC management is hopelessly incompetent and I hope they are the next government entity to be privatised.

  • The island wide outage occurred shortly after midnight when two men, employed with a private company, were working on a building in the Prince Charles Drive area. During their work, an aluminium ladder came into contact with one of BEC’s 33Kv overhead lines. As a result both men were injured and rushed to hospital by ambulance.

    In instances where contact is made to a major overhead line, a protective relay would have isolated the fault. However, in this particular situation the protective relay malfunctioned resulting in BEC’s entire system tripping offline; this includes its generator units at both the Clifton Pier and Blue Hills Power Stations.


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