Palm City Resident Restoring Historic Bahamian Lighthouse

Wednesday 30th, May 2012 / 23:21 Published by
Elbow Reef Lighthouse

Elbow Reef Lighthouse

It’s Palm City [Florida] resident Annie Potts’ dream that the historic Elbow Reef Lighthouse in the Bahamas will remain a beacon of hope forever.

On Wednesday, Potts, who also is the director of the Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society, flew from Witham Field to Elbow Cay, Abaco, to continue her restoration on the relic.

She was greeted by three, 4-foot high, 2-foot wide, diamond-shaped pieces of clear glass that will replace old paneling on the lighthouse’s lantern room. The glass was shipped from the Port of Palm Beach on Tuesday, Potts said.

“Lighthouses are a very important part of Bahamian history and culture,” Potts said. “It’s worth keeping it as active history. It needs to be maintained.

“So many people go there to see it. It’s an icon around the world.”

Elbow Reef Light Station, which is in the Hope Town district of Abaco, was built in 1864 by the British and is the last of its kind in a dying breed, Potts said.

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  • I applaud Annie Potts in her efforst to restore the Elbow Cay Lighthouse.How great that she really cares about our fascinating history.
    I am quite devastated to see another lighthouse – possibly an even MORE regal beacon of light in Crooked Island known as Bird Rock, falling into total disrepair. It is so exquisitely built and was obviously greatly revered at one time. I hope that this attention to lighthouses in our unique history will bring help to Bird Rock – one of the most magical and extraordinary landmarks in our country.


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