Scandal-Ridden PLP Struggling To Distract From Record Of Corruption

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Government CorruptionThe Claim: PLP Deputy Leader Brave Davis claims that a Commission of Inquiry is needed “to examine and explore facts surrounding specific matters of great national importance”.

The Truth: Prior to 1992, international publications referred to The Bahamas as “a nation for sale.” Our opponents had squandered the promise of our Bahamas with their neglect and abuse of our democracy. Upon taking office, the Free National Movement steered The Bahamas in a new direction. We ushered in a new era of clean, accountable and transparent government.

Unlike the days of the PLP government where details of contracts were hidden from public view, the hallmark of the FNM government has been transparency and Government in the Sunshine. If the PLP has a question, all they need do is consult the public record.

The PLP government was the most opaque, scandal-ridden administration in the history of the Bahamas. While failing to deliver any significant project during their term, numerous scandals and back room dealings benefitted senior PLP members.

To name just a few:

  • Korean Fishing Boat scandal
  • Harachji questionable PLP Campaign donations
  • Corruption and kickbacks in Ministry of Housing
  • Anna Nicole Smith’s questionable permanent residency application
  • John Travolta extortion scandal
  • Secretive Blue Water deal to sell BTC to foreigners on credit
  • Over priced contract with BK Water (PLP) for RO plant at Arawak Cay
  • Corruption and Kickbacks for Chinese visas

The PLP calling for a commission of inquiry is a political ploy intended to divert attention way from the PLP’s long record of corruption and mismanagement.

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1 Comments on “Scandal-Ridden PLP Struggling To Distract From Record Of Corruption

  • If the government had prosecuted those who were found guilty during the commission of inquiry, we would be in a better position today. You tell me how dishonest, corrupt people like most of them in the PLP can have a conscience to run for public office. I think we need to change our whole constitution. The audacity of some of them… all the facts need to come out so they had better shut up before…. Lawlessness in this country is at the top! How many of those MPs are sweethearters? If they cannot be faithful to their wives, how the hell can they run our country. Speak up Bahamians, Speak Out!


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