Seatless McCartney Not Stepping Down

Wednesday 09th, May 2012 / 10:19 Published by

Branville McCartney, DNA

Branville McCartney vowed to continue to lead the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) despite a crushing defeat at the polls and the loss of his seat in Bamboo Town.

McCartney lost by 917 votes.

His statement was an abrupt turn from a public pronouncement he made last month on the Guardian Radio show “Darold Miller Live” when he said he would step down as leader of the year-old party if he could not retain his seat in Parliament.

McCartney lost his seat to Renward Wells of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) by a huge margin.

“There was some vicious political rumor going around about me quitting if I was not successful, that was a vicious rumor, which is not true,” he told The Nassau Guardian last night during an interview from his home in western New Providence.

Although many of the party’s respective candidates siphoned away hundreds of votes from the two major parties in several constituencies, not one of them managed to capture a seat in the House of Assembly.

In 2010, McCartney resigned from Cabinet and the FNM amid reported power struggles with the outgoing prime minister.

“Ingraham has done good for the country,” McCartney said. “We cannot take that away from him. It comes at a time when everyone’s career [in] politics comes to an end and I wish him well.”


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