$1 Million Budget For Investment Marketing

Monday 25th, June 2012 / 08:34 Published by
Khaalis Rolle

Khaalis Rolle

Khaalis Rolle, minister of state for investments in the Office of the Prime Minister, noted that $1 million has been allocated specifically to the Bahamas Investment Authority for marketing purposes. He revealed that the government is currently looking at a number of investments that are expected to service several areas of the country’s economy.

During a recent trip to the UK, Rolle said he had an opportunity to feel the pulse of the European market.

“Despite going through a very difficult period in Europe, there are still monies available for investment. There were clear indications from some of the meetings that we held, particularly at the reception organized by Baha Mar. There were 150 of the most influential people from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Many of them were able to purchase property from the Baha Mar group then and there,” according to Rolle.

Overall, Rolle said the trip to London was very successful, as it presented him with a chance to see what opportunities are available out there for The Bahamas. On that trip, Rolle attended a ritzy reception hosted by the $2.6 billion mega resort, which unveiled its exclusive residences starting at $1.5 million for a junior one-bedroom unit, and running up to $6 million for a four-bedroom villa on the beach.

When Baha Mar is complete, it will contribute up to $1 billion to the local economy and generate a GDP contribution of $11.2 billion, or 10 percent over a 20-year period.

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