Careless Dog Owners Responsible For Brutal Attack

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Tourist on Pink Sands Beach

A woman was brutally attacked by roaming dogs carelessly unrestrained by their owners.

Most stray dogs do not attack, even when they are in packs, but these are not strays.
Police sources on Harbour Island have confirmed that the dogs belong to a couple who own a vacation home on the island. They have both been charged for the incident.

A woman, Shevaun Davies from Grand Cayman, was visiting Harbour Island. She was jogging on Pink Sands Beach Tuesday, May 22, when the four dogs attacked her, biting her several times. Ms. Davies now wants authorities to issue a public warning, as this could pose a threat to tourists who frequent the popular beach.

She ran into the ocean to escape what she described as a “pack of wolves”.

In a Tribune article she was quoted: “I was approached by what seemed to be four stray dogs, I stopped running and stood still hoping they would pass me by, but unfortunately that was not the case. Completely unprovoked, the dogs attacked me (and) I was bitten severely on my front right thigh and while that was happening two of the dogs bit me badly on my back left thigh.”

Ms Davies believes at least two other people have also been attacked by these particular dogs.

Stray and roaming dogs are a monumental societal problem in the Bahamas. Most attacks are by roaming dogs neglected or carelessly managed by irresponsible owners. The people are the problem not the dogs.

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14 Comments on “Careless Dog Owners Responsible For Brutal Attack

  • The author of this article obviously knows very little about dogs. He/she probably has had the luxury of driving everywhere they need to go.

    Stray dogs DON’T attack when alone. However, when in packs… when one barks/attacks the others join in. I’m not guessing and I’m NOT asking. I’m speaking from experience and observation.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the Canine Unit of the RBPF is useless. The more the stray dog issue is discussed, the more stray dogs I see.

    To the Humane Society’s “Operation Potcake”… I really don’t know what kind of “operation” they performed… but I’m still seeing 6 male dogs following ONE female dog. And I’m sure we ALL know those male dogs aren’t following her to play ring play.

    If the tail of the Canine Unit ain’t doing their job… then check out the Head. This country MAKES ME SICK!

  • What needs to happen: A group of tourists who have been treated in this callous manner needs to sue the Bahamas government in a U.S. court, class action, for tens of millions of $$$ due to the negligence involved. Only when affected by external sources do Bahamians and their corrupt government act right.

    Bahamians brag about their country being a “paradise”. It is anything but. It is a corrupt, crime-ridden sewer filled mostly with stupid, selfish people who have an exagerated view of themselves.

    Read this fast because this comment will be removed as soon as this website is attacked for publishing it.

    • While we do not fully agree with your post, we will not remove your comment for stating your opinion.

  • Injured Tourist

    The dog attacks continued unabated because too many Bahamians are more interested in tourist dollars than tourist safety.

    This has been proven time and again over the years as so many tourists have been injured or killed in watersports incidents which Bahamians and their government try to cover up.

    More tourists die in the Bahamas than all other countries in the Caribbean put together.

  • I am very angry to read of these previous attacks by dogs on Pink Sands beach. My girlfriend was attacked by 4 dogs while running alone there on June 1st – the THIRD attack in TEN days by the SAME dogs it now appears. Unfortunately one bite damaged an artery behind one knee and she had to staunch the squirting blood with one hand while very bravely continuing to fight the dogs off. I go cold thinking about what might have happened had another runner not come to her aid. She spent the rest of our ‘holiday’ in a wheelchair. Now she is still unable to weightbear on her (R) leg and is having disturbed sleep. I understand the dogs have now been put down and the owners prosecuted. The issue is however, if attacks have been happening since April (or before) why did it take so long for this to occur and why were warnings not in place!?? I would like answers!

    • Sorry to inform you PB. They do not even prosecute murderers in the Bahamas, let alone dog owners. There were 94 murders in 2010 – only two people were prosecuted. News that the dog owners were prosecuted is propaganda from worried tourist officials. I guarantee nothing will happen to the dog owners, although the dogs very well may have been killed.

    • @Lori – You won’t be missed dear. Stay your sorry ass where u stay. If your country is so good.. then why go somewhere else to relax?

      • Tired of Monkey Talk

        @Real Talk – Why don’t you get the hell out of The Bahamas before the rest of us throw you out. I don’t give a whit that you think you are a Bahamian… you are NOT! You are obvioulsy the bastard child of a frickin’ ape. REAL Bahamians would never talk to a prospective tourist that way, especially when they are expressing valid concerns over shortcomings in our dysfunctional society. To discourage tourists from coming here is about as close to treason as you can get in a tourist-dependent society.

        • We don’t usually allow such vicious personal attacks but in this case I couldn’t agree with you more. 🙂

  • I was bitten by a pit bull mix on the last day of my family’s vacation in April 2011. The injuries were much less severe than the ones posted now (my injuries were limited to scrapes, abrasions and severe bruising) but the experience was still traumatic. Three dogs raced after me while I was jogging. As the pit bull mix bit and held onto the back of my thigh the other 2 dogs nipped at me feet. It wasn’t until the owner called to them that the dogs retreated. I was treated at the medical clinic where no one seemed to think the dog attacks were a big deal. Hopefully something will now be done to address the problem.

  • Emma Jane Brown

    I find it appalling that the hotel owner was more concerned with hushing the matter than he was for the well-being of his hotel guests. Roaming dogs are a big problem but the article is right, the real problem is not the dogs but the negligent, irresponsible dog owners and there should be serious consequences for them.

  • That the hotel owner would want to keep the attack quiet is repulsive and smacks of the “tourism mafia” that attacks websites when they publish (truthful and important) news that may negatively affect tourism. (Are you listening Kimberly?).

    I hope you let us know what hotel it was, so we can be sure to publish the name of the hotel and its irresponsible owners, to warn other potential victims.

    Putting jerks like that out of business should be a priority for the Bahamas tourism industry.

  • My husband was also attacked on Harbour Island on May 29 by a black dog that was roaming the beach w/3 brown dogs. Six of the bites required stitches. This attack completely ruined our vacation. The hotel owner was more concerned w/keeping the attack quiet than in issuing any kind of warning. My husband is over 6 feet tall and was able to keep on his feet and eventually drive the dog away–a small child would not have been so lucky.


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