No Special Invitation For McCartney

Wednesday 06th, June 2012 / 22:51 Published by

Charles Maynard. Guardian photo

While acknowledging that the Free National Movement (FNM) would welcome Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney back into the party, FNM Chairman Charles Maynard said yesterday no “special invitation” will be sent to the former member.

Maynard, who was a guest on ‘Darold Miller Live’ on Guardian Radio 96.9 FM, sought to clarify what he determined was a “misleading” headline in Tuesday’s Nassau Guardian which read, “FNM wants McCartney”.

Maynard’s admission that the FNM plans to convince McCartney to return to the FNM came during an interview on ‘The Political View’ television program which aired on Cable 12 last night.

“The headline is misleading because it gives the impression that we are on some kind of mission to bring Mr. McCartney back,” he said on ‘Darold Miller Live’.

“… No special invitation was sent to Mr. McCartney to rejoin the FNM, but a global one to all FNMs who have been disenfranchised for whatever reason over the last few years that it’s time to look at the FNM again and to come back home.

“Mr. Lloyd asked specifically about Bran McCartney and I said he’s like [anybody] else. Just like we want other FNMs to come home, we want him to come home too if he believes what the FNM stands for. The FNM has a big tent and we want to welcome all and sundry to come back.”

McCartney resigned from the FNM just over a year ago after falling out with Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.

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