Officer Shot In Neck With His Own Gun

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Crime in Nassau: CRITICAL

A young police officer’s failure to adhere to rules has left him in hospital after he was shot in the neck with his own gun by a suspect he had in custody.

Reportedly, the incident occurred shortly after midnight on Saturday. Despite the rule that there are to be two officers accompanying a suspect, Police Constable Pinder was single handedly escorting suspect, Reggie Chase, to the hospital due to Chase’s complaints of chest pains.

At the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), the handcuffed Chase claimed he needed to use the bathroom. Naively, PC Pinder made his second mistake and removed Chase’s handcuffs, who then grabbed the officer’s gun and shot him in the neck. The bullet remains lodged in his chest.

As he made his escape Chase pointed the officer’s gun at other patients and hospital staff. After a brief search police have 25-year-old Reginald Chase of Nassau Village back in custody. Chase was on bail for the 2009 drive-by shooting murder of William Farrington.

Dr Geoffrey Pennerman, Chief of Medical Staff, said that despite emotional overlay over the incident, staff were back to work treating patients in Accident and Emergency department. PMH is currently under 24-hour security by armed policemen following this shooting in the Accident and Emergency.

The critically injured officer was transferred to Doctors Hospital where he remains in stable condition.


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