Police Now Questioning Three Men in Connection With Crime Spree

Thursday 28th, June 2012 / 10:52 Published by

Enoch Eulin and Donnavon Sturrup

Police claim to have three men in custody, allegedly in relation to a string of rapes, burglaries and armed robberies in Eastern and Western New Providence.

Donavan Sturrup, 28, alias “Tinman,” of Union Village and Enoch Eulin, 32, alias “Pumkin”, of Excellence Estates, were captured by police and taken to the Central Detective Unit within 24 hours of police issuing wanted bulletins for the men.

However, it is not known if these men are just being questioned or if they will actually be charged for the crimes as police remain tight lipped on the specific incidents for which the men were wanted.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson, said a third man is also assisting them with their investigations.

“I can confirm we have three men in custody. We are doing some investigations in respect to the rape and robbery matters and we are confident we will have a resolution soon,” the Tribune reports Ferguson as saying.

ACP Ferguson said he was “not prepared” to release the name of third man in custody at this time.

Minister, of State for National Security Keith Bell defended the work of the police and also criticised Deputy Leader of the FNM, Loretta Butler Turner for her “irresponsible” comments to the media.

“You will always find that the public has an opinion and they are entitled to it but you must understand that the police cannot deal with fighting crime in the eyes of the public or the media,” he said.

“I just ask that the public let them do their jobs and assist police when possible. We must all do our part to make the country safe. The comments from Loretta Butler-Turner are completely unfounded and she should be ashamed; especially seeing some of the victims were in her old constituency. She should not be attempting to politicise such matters, she knows better. That is why she is on the next side of the bench today.”


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