Politician’s Niece Kidnapped, Assaulted

Wednesday 20th, June 2012 / 12:02 Published by

Crime in Nassau: CRITICAL

The 19-year-old niece of a prominent politician was reportedly kidnapped from her home at knife-point around 2:00am on Friday morning while her family slept.

The girl said an man unknown to her came into her room, woke her and told her to be quiet or he would “kill everyone in the house”.

She told him she needed to go to the kitchen to get her medication. The man followed her but she said she managed to hide a knife under her nightgown.

She was taken to a vehicle and driven to a bushy area where the intruder attempted to rape her. She was able to stab the man in the chest and escape to a road, where a passrby picked her up and took her to a police station.

Police investigations are continuing.


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