Skyline Drive To Close Permanently Mid-July

Wednesday 27th, June 2012 / 11:28 Published by

Baha Mar

Baha Mar is gearing up for the permanent closure of Skyline Drive next month, which will transform the road into two cul-de-sacs, said a spokesman for the project.

“The Skyline Drive closure basically is to allow for the golf course to proceed on either side and there will be two cul-de-sacs on either side to the west and to the east,” said Robert Sands, senior vice president of government and external affairs at Baha Mar yesterday.

Skyline Drive is expected to close during the week of July 15.

Sands also noted that Baha Mar will soon release a number of public service announcements in the media articulating the various routes that will be impacted by the closure.

“This has always been envisioned that this would be a part of Baha Mar reaching the 100-foot (vertical) mark,” he said, pointing out that traffic will be rerouted along the new Corridor 7.

Corridor 7 — the two lane road linking John F. Kennedy Drive to West Bay Street — will be completed sometime in September or October according to Sands.

He also noted that residents in the area have known about the closure for some time as there have been several community meetings over the years.

“This is something that we presented from the initial project five years ago,” he noted. Sands added that there will be another set of public updates nearer to the closure of the road.

Baha Mar held an orientation for the new Christie administration on the $2.6 billion project yesterday morning.

Travis Cartwright-Carroll
The Nassau Guardian

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