Flog Rapists and Hold Parents Responsible

Friday 06th, July 2012 / 09:10 Published by

Branville McCartney

Speaking to the media during a press conference, Democratic National Alliance leader Branville McCartney said he supports corporal punishment in the Bahamas as a crime deterrent.

McCartney said that criminals, especially rapists, should be publicly flogged.

He said: “Let’s start enforcing the laws. Let’s start getting a more disciplined society.”

“If persons are found guilty to have done [committing rape and terrorising this country], there should be a public flogging of these persons in my view, a public flogging.”

In an interview with the Tribune McCartney said that small crimes should have consequences, and that if parents were held responsible for their children’s actions they would do a better job parenting.

During that interview he also said: “In the Child Protection Act under section 125 an order can be made where a minor is found guilty, but the parents are responsible. The parents pay a fine, damages or costs. Holding parents responsible for their children’s actions is a start to combating the crime problem. The law is there for it.”

Mr McCartney stated that there will not be a decrease in crime until the government starts holding parents responsible.

“We need to catch these things from young. A parent won’t be saying ‘my good son’ if they are found liable for their sons actions. They won’t be saying ‘my good son’ when they have to pay that fine. Those are only two examples. The law is there. We need to do something.”


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