Health Minister ‘Too Busy’ To Address Baby Deaths

Tuesday 31st, July 2012 / 09:06 Published by

Perry Gomez

The story of two infant deaths at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Princess Margaret Hospital got international attention over the weekend through the Associated Press. Meantime, answers to the outbreak of the bacterium Acinetobacter Baumanii have been slow to reach the public.

When The Tribune contacted Health Minister Dr Perry Gomez at his home yesterday, he said he was too “busy” to talk, explaining that he was being disturbed on “my Sunday”.

He asked: “Ya’ll don’t go to church?”

While the outbreak in the NICU occurred almost one month ago, the PHA did not inform the public through the media until last Friday. And Dr Gomez explained in an interview with another media house that he was not immediately informed of the outbreak.

Dr Hubert Minnis, former Minister of Health and the leader of the Opposition, told The Big T that there was a similar incident in 1996 when it is believed nine infants may have died.

At that time, he said, the World Health Organisation was called in to investigate the matter.

“If the same hygienic protocols were followed, how could such an outbreak occur again?” he said.


1 Comments on “Health Minister ‘Too Busy’ To Address Baby Deaths

  • “Too busy”… “my Sunday” – who does this guy think he is?! He is a public servant who is being called on by the media for answers to a serious concern. Who cares if they called on Sunday, who cares if they called him at home or even on his cell while he was in Church.

    He needed to put aside whatever he was doing and address the issue. I doubt the parents of those two dead babies were enjoying “their Sunday.” Likewise for the parents of the six other babies sick with this infection – which appears to be entirely due to the lack of proper health and hygiene procedures at PMH.


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