Outrageous Hypocrisy in Bahamian ‘Justice’ System

Wednesday 18th, July 2012 / 09:07 Published by
Government Corruption

Government Corruption: Everybody Loses

A Farrington Road woman was sentenced to serve four years in prison yesterday in connection with a failed attempt to export 13 ounces of marijuana on Friday, July 13.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that some of the largest drug dealers and gang leaders in the county were working as election campaign generals for the PLP during the last election campaign.

Does that seem like a fair justice system?

Garcia Sasha Hanna, 22, of Cargill Lane was arraigned before Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethell in Court 8, Nassau Street.

Hanna pleaded guilty to two drug charges against her – possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply and taking preparatory steps to export dangerous drugs.  She allegedly tried to take 13.3 ounces of Indian Hemp out of the country but was caught by airport officials.

The drugs were worth $1,995.

Meanwhile, the airport workers and corrupt police involved in a multi-million drug shipping operation at LPIA are still operating, while corrupt officials turn a blind eye to their crimes.  Other major drug dealers are either out on bail, or their cases have been effectively stalled indefinitely.

Considering her prompt admission of guilt, the size of the drug find and her lack of previous charges, the deputy chief magistrate imposed the minimum punishment.

Hanna will spend her four years in the medium security section of Her Majesty’s Prison.

Meanwhile, numbers kingpins, whose crimes contribute significantly to the decay of Bahamian society are allowed to grow filthy rich with the government’s tacit approval.

Does all this sound fair?

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1 Comments on “Outrageous Hypocrisy in Bahamian ‘Justice’ System

  • Not fair at all. Free Garcia Hanna and calling for a review of the justice system in The Bahamas. You have rapists and murderers getting bail!


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