PLP’s Petty Politics Block Ingraham’s Farewell Address

Thursday 26th, July 2012 / 11:00 Published by

Hubert Ingraham

Afterwards, the retiring North Abaco MP told The Nassau Guardian that the move not to let him speak first was a “PLP decision” and that he did not plan to return to Parliament again to say goodbye. Ingraham accused Major of going back on his word.

In the farewell speech, Ingraham traced his political career and highlighted various accomplishments during the 15 years he served as prime minister.

He also again accepted responsibility for his party’s recent loss at the polls.

Ingraham also thanked Bahamians for electing him prime minister three non-consecutive times and the people of Abaco for their support over more than three decades.

He added: “I thoroughly enjoyed myself in office. I did the best I could for as long as I could and now that my time has come to go, I’m happy to go and thank The Bahamas very much.”

Major added that while Section 90, Subsection 2, of House rules states that the resignation of a member “shall be the first order of the day for the next sitting day after it has been received” he was not going to “prioritize” Ingraham’s statement.

He said he would permit Ingraham to make a statement when the House got to ‘Item J’ of the day’s agenda that deals with motions for leave of absence, leave to resign seats and new writs.

“In the considered view of the chair, the communication, ostensibly a resignation letter, is in reality a promissory note that a resignation will take place some time in the future,” said Major in the House before Ingraham walked out.

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