Bahamas Called Out On Abortions

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The Bahamas government disclosed information on possible state-sanctioned abortions in a report last month to the international committee of the United Nations governing discrimination against women.

Although abortion is currently illegal in the Bahamas, the government revealed that it is aware of cases where licensed physicians perform abortions in private and public hospitals for justifiable reasons, such as “foetal deformity and rape or incest, as well as on health grounds”.

Such abortions are made possible because “the law is interpreted very liberally,” according to a report submitted to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

The CEDAW committee expressed concern about the legal provisions for protecting women and called on the government to “broaden the conditions under which abortion can be legally available, including in instances of rape and incest.”

Read the complete article by Noelle Nicolls in The Tribune

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3 Comments on “Bahamas Called Out On Abortions

  • You may be right, Deon… Maybe women ought to be forced to bear their rapist’s child, and be reminded every day of her hurt and shame. Perhaps, one day, she may come to realise that it is all in God’s plan, provided she puts God first in her life and forgives her rapist, and attends church and all that other shit. Or maybe the raped women forced to bear children can bring them to the steps of the righteous temples of morality and just leave them to those who know best how to live other people’s lives….

  • So, in other words, if a man is having difficulty dating or dating successfully to lead to marriage allowing him to have a child (or has some mental condition) – he can simply rape a woman and the government will then assist him with the remainder of the process leading to her having his child?

    In other words, the government will deny her the ability to have an abortion, and force her to mix her genes with her own rapist? I did not realize that was an option for rapists under the law.

    So if abortion remains outlawed even in the cases of rape or incest, then this option will remain open to active and potential rapists?

    Does the Department of Statistics or Health or Social Services keep figures on how many children each year are born to rapists? Does it matter if there are a lot of them – or is one too many ?

    • So you are saying if the woman is rape and gets pregnant the baby should be punish and put to death for being innocent of any crime and the law should help put to death innocent babies. Why not imprison the the rapist and if the woman don’t want the child put him or her up for adoption. Murdering the innocent is not and can not be justifiable in no circumstances.


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