Campaign To End Rudeness To Tourists

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More and more visitors who come to France have realized one thing: the lack of manners French people have. Considered as a rude culture, people from France have a low reputation when it comes to manners and politeness. However, the good news is that the Paris transport board, also called RATP, has decided to put an end to this annoying rudeness by launching a campaign that would show locals how to behave accordingly in order to create a positive impression on tourists.

The campaign features large posters where people from Paris are depicted as animals, while the people around them are shocked and stare at them. According to a Press Release published recently, the RATP officials decided to create a website where people can upload their photos showing rude situations and express their frustration.

Among the animals we can discover a hen that holds a mobile phone and yells at it while the bus is full of people, a donkey that spits with nonchalance a chewing gum on a train platform, and a sloth that sits on a bus seat while people stare at him.

The campaign is created not merely on stereotypes, but on certain data. According to a recent survey organized by the RATP’s media department, more than 96% of all passengers had witnessed a certain degree of “uncivil” behavior, either on the bus, tram, metro or other Paris public transportation. Unbelievably or not, this survey done this year comes exactly two years after another survey of more than 1000 visitors and tourists in Paris. According to the study, Parisians are the rudest people in Europe.


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