Education Minister Says Transformation Must Come Within Classrooms

Friday 24th, August 2012 / 08:35 Published by

Jerome Fitzgerald

Nassau, Bahamas – Newly appointed public school teachers learned of the Government’s vision to transform the educational system through innovative and cutting edge initiatives and strategies.

Education, Science and Technology Minister Jerome Fitzgerald told the teachers that change must take place in the classroom if they are going to change the educational system and attain the kind of results desired in National Examinations.

Minister Fitzgerald gave remarks at the Department of Education’s annual orientation exercise for some 184 new teachers. The two-day event was designed to acquaint teachers with the organisation and structure of the Ministry of Education, the Department’s policies and procedures, curriculum matters and matters relating to human resources.

The Minister expressed his desire to see more emphasis placed on skills training in schools, improvements in literacy and numeracy and greater teacher productivity and parental involvement, which he said would lead to greater student performance.

The Ministry of Education plans to ensure students have access to the best technology and teachers who are equipped with the skills to integrate that technology into the learning experience, and produce students who are not merely literate, but are critical thinkers and who are able to make a valuable contribution to society, he said.

He admonished the teachers to do all that they can to ensure they are promoting the skills necessary to produce citizens who are open minded, knowledgeable, instinctive and logical.

“Excellence in education requires that you possess the characteristics of honesty, service, a passion for teaching and pride for oneself and country,” he said.

“We are entrusting you with the impressionable minds and lives of our most valuable assets, our nation’s youth. Teach them well and give them good guidance.”


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