Calls For Resignation of Racist MP

Thursday 13th, September 2012 / 10:12 Published by
Dion Smith

Dion Smith

Opposition leader Dr Hubert Minnis joined the chorus of Bahamians calling for Dion Smith, Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, to step down after it was alleged that  the  Nassau Village MP made racist remarks against white people.

Smith launched into a “tirade” at the building where he lives,  tearing down notices, making demeaning remarks about foreigners and leaving other tenants in fear for their safety.

Dr Minnis said it would be “unbecoming” for Smith to retain his position in light of the allegations.

If he fails to step down, Dr Minnis said Prime Minister Perry Christie should demand his resignation.

Court documents claim that the Nassau Village MP used obscene language at residents of the condominium and expressed “demeaning views on white human beings and foreigners to the Bahamas.”

The incident occurred on July 4 and was followed by an incident two months later, in which the building’s security guard was assaulted by an alleged male lover of Mr Smith after the pair were denied access to the premises.

Former DNA candidate Roscoe Thompson III echoed the calls for the MP’s resignation.  Thompson said Smith’s shameful behaviour might have been tolerated under the Pindling regime, but in today’s world it is completely unacceptable.

It is important that the Prime Minister address this problem immediately as the majority of tourists to The Bahamas are white foreigners from the United States, where Mr Smith’s disgraceful comments could be construed as a hate crime.

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