The Never-Ending Court Saga of Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs Continues

Wednesday 26th, September 2012 / 09:09 Published by

Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs

A  Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) officer acknowledged in court Monday that Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs had no drugs on him when he was arrested in April, but the officer said police had reason to believe he was engaged in criminal activity.

Investigating officer Corporal Kevaughn Cleare testified during Stubbs’ trial in a magistrate’s court. Stubbs is charged with having 8.4 ouches of marijuana with intent to supply.

DEU officers allegedly found the drugs, which have a wholesale street value of about $500, on April 9 in a yard at Kemp Road where Stubbs and several other men had allegedly gathered.

Cleare told the court that while he did not find drugs on Stubbs, he did find $2,430 which he has reason to believe is the proceeds from criminal activity. However, Cleare said Stubbs told him that he earned the money from doing carpentry work. Stubbs is charged along with 11 other men.

Police charged them with drug possession with intent to supply, conspiracy to possess drugs with intent to supply and vagrancy.


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