Labour Minister Wrong: Most Wyndham Workers Won’t Get Benefits

Tuesday 11th, September 2012 / 08:26 Published by

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis yesterday hit out at Minister of Labour and National Insurance Shane Gibson, claiming he suggested all workers who have been impacted by the Wyndham    hotel’s    six-week    closure    can    get unemployment benefits.

Minnis said not all the workers will qualify for the assistance and criticized the minister for appearing “anxious” to rely on a social safety net that was created by the Ingraham administration.

On Friday, Gibson encouraged hotel workers to apply for the National Insurance Board’s unemployment benefits as soon as possible.

“Such a suggestion is contrary to the terms and conditions of the Unemployment Benefits scheme which are published by the National Insurance Board,” Minnis said.

“The Unemployment Benefits scheme is extended to qualified ‘insured persons’ who are recently fully unemployed or ‘laid-off’, but not to persons who have been given reduced work; are on vacation, or who are partially employed.

“Hence, the vast majority of persons who have been sent home for six weeks by the hotel will have no right to apply for or to receive the NIB unemployment benefit,” he added.

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1 Comments on “Labour Minister Wrong: Most Wyndham Workers Won’t Get Benefits

  • So, when can we expect the labourers of this nation to stop thinking beyond their next paycheck and start saving up monies for times like these? These resorts have been closing down or scaling back work for years yet workers continue to be “surprised” by every move companies make. Wake up people…..


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