The Absentee Voting Process

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The United States Embassy is encouraging all U.S. citizens to vote in this November’s presidential elections. U.S. citizens living overseas are guaranteed the right to vote in federal elections in the United States.

Almost all states require voters to physically send in registration documents, receive paper ballots by return post, and mail in their completed ballots. Adequate preparation is the key.

Voters cannot register to vote or vote at the U.S. Embassy. However, the Embassy supplies the forms necessary to request an absentee ballot from your last state of residence. Please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) website at  This site has detailed information about absentee voting, including how to download, fill in and send the absentee ballot request form to the appropriate address in your state.

To request an absentee ballot you must complete and mail a Federal Post Card Application, available at the FVAP website or at the U.S. Embassy.

A Local Election Official in your state of residence approves your request to register/vote, or asks you for more information. Once approved, a Local Election Official in your state of residence mails you an absentee ballot.

You complete the ballot, notarize it at the U.S. Embassy (if required), and mail it back to your state of residence. Mailing time to the U.S. varies, subject to factors in the postal system beyond our control. You can also mail it directly to the U.S. using the local postage system by placing the appropriate airmail stamp on it.

Please visit for further information about absentee voting.


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