Two More Arrests In Atlantis Heist Attempt

Wednesday 26th, September 2012 / 08:29 Published by


Two more Atlantis employees were arrested Monday in connection with an attempted robbery of a cashier’s cage located in the basement of the Paradise Island hotel on Sunday, police said.

This brought to five the number of men arrested in relation to the incident.

Police also recovered nearly $100,000 stashed in bags and hidden in the ceiling by the thieves, said head of the Central Detective Unit (CDU) Superintendent Paul Rolle.

On Sunday, police arrested three men — two current Atlantis employees and one former employee. They had initially been detained by hotel security shortly after the attempted theft.

Rolle said the three thieves were all dressed in uniform when they were caught on Sunday. One suspect was caught in the ceiling, one in the cashier’s cage and the other just outside the room, Rolle said.

The men carried out the crime around midday Sunday, police said.

They were not armed with guns, but did release a chemical, believed to be Mace or pepper spray, inside the cashier’s cage to demobilize staff, police said.

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