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anti-corruptionIn an effort to fix the problems associated with corrupt practices in Curacao, an independent whistleblower website has been created to collect and publish information about corruption on the island.

The website ‘Curaleaks’ (  by the activist group ‘Ban Drecha Kòrsou Awo’ (Let’s fix Curacao now).

“We do not represent any political party. We are also against no one,” the creators of the website said.

Information can be leaked via e-mail to So far there are documents published relating to alleged fraud on the part of outgoing Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and “Memo Screening Results” from the Secret Service of Curacao.

“The documents you will find here are anonymously provided to us; we won’t and cannot disclose our source(s),” the website says.

With the rampant corruption that exist in our government and public service sector, The Bahamas could certainly benefit from a website like that.

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  • I am in a very bad situation my name is Astrid Bodie I live in Nassau Bahamas and our hospital here, The Princess Margaret Hospital, has the deadly bacteria Acinetobacer in both of their Intensive Care Units – the children’s and adult’s. Many babies and adults are dying on a daily basis from it but the hospital administrators refuse to evacuate and clean them because they claim it is not present. But my mom died in the ICU while recovering from a surgery about three and a half weeks into recovery and doing very well she caught it and it killed her. The doctors who treated her told me and my family that she caught it and and due to her low immune system she will die. They also told us all the symptoms that she would go through before she died and she did. They admitted it was present in there also. I also looked it up on the Internet and they were correct with their info. That hospital needs to be cleaned thouroughly and I need your help to put pressure on them and make them evacuate and clean both intensive care units so that the senseless deaths can stop.


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