Condemnation For Prime Minister Christie’s Recent Comments

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Sharon TurnerAt the outset, let me state that I am not a supporter of either leader of the major political parties in The Bahamas at this time. That being said, I as a Bahamian need to make a statement on the comments made by our Prime Minister at his party’s by-election rally in Abaco this past weekend, wherein he told Bahamians there that unless they vote the way he wants them to, they should not expect to easily get what they are entitled to as Bahamians – whether that be basic infrastructure, roads or other needs that Bahamians expect their government to meet for Bahamians.

Prime Minister Perry Christie is quoted by the press as saying the following: “If Hubert Ingraham, or [Hubert] Minnis, if they want something to happen for you, listen now, I know they want something to happen for you if not this year, next year or even the year after, but guess what? Do you know who the prime minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is? You could go to Hubert. You can go to [Greg] Gomez. You even could go to Minnis, but then they got to call me. They could have the best intention in the world. They can pray and [say], ‘Oh God I want to do this’. But God has spoken. God has made me the prime minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

If you are a Bahamian, and a statement like that does not anger you, no matter who makes the statement, a PLP or FNM prime minister – you are a lost Bahamian. If a statement like that does not grab your attention and cause you to decry what it is declaring to Bahamians just like you and I, you are a lost Bahamian. And if you find pleasure, humour or right in such a statement, you are not only a lost Bahamian, you are also a dangerous Bahamian – one who can be easily led blindly down a path of helping to turn your country into the types of countries in the Caribbean and region we currently turn up our nose at as though they and their citizens are inferior to us.

Access to basic infrastructure in a democratic society is a right. If you never vote in your life, you should have access to basic infrastructure. Here in The Bahamas, one of the few countries in the world that provides its people free education from kindergarten to 12th grade, decent schools, decent housing, opportunities for employment on one’s island, etc are not things Bahamians should be threatened with by their government. These are what Bahamians expect of and should be provided by their government, whether that government is PLP or FNM.

When a Bahamian is told by his or her prime minister that they should expect to have a rough time getting what they should get if they don’t do what he says or what he personally wants, that Bahamian should then immediately look for his or her passport to see if it still says Commonwealth of The Bahamas. If that passport still says Bahamas, then that Bahamian needs to tell his or her Prime Minister to find the nearest country ruled by a dictatorship and take up residence there, because the public statements made this weekend in Abaco have no place in a country that boasts of being a free and democratic country.

Our National Anthem says “See how the world marks the manner of your bearing.”

Well now, the world is marking that our Prime Minister has told thousands of Bahamians that they must do what he says and what he wants if they want to enjoy the same rights as other Bahamians in the country. Is this what we want the world to “mark” of us? Is this now the “manner of our bearing?” How does that statement differ from the statements made to their country by leaders such as Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe, Bashar Al-Assad (Syria), Hugo Chavez or François Duvalier (Haiti)?

Do we think that simply because we are named Bahamas, we are better than other nations even if we do the same wrong they do? What makes us believe that we are any better than the types of regimes we condemn when we begin doing the same types of things to our people that those regimes do to theirs?

Do I or any other Bahamian need to request a meeting with our Prime Minister so we can present to him a copy of the Constitution of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas? Sadly, very few things of importance anger Bahamians, and that is why most Bahamians are watching more and more of their rights either be encroached upon or taken away, and we are simply sitting there, not caring, not listening, not checking.

So far in our country we have had three Prime Ministers – Sir Lynden Pindling, Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie. If such words were to come out of the mouth of any one of them, they would not be worthy of the office of Prime Minister. And as we continue on as an independent nation, if those words come out of the mouth of any future Prime Minister, he or she is equally not worthy of the office of Prime Minister.

So now as a Bahamian, I ask – to whom shall we appeal, when the leader of our country is publicly and openly threatening the security of Bahamians, with scores of Bahamians cheering him on, therefore making themselves a threat to everyone’s national security?

Wake up Bahamas.

By: Sharon Turner

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  • As a Bahamian myself, I saw this coming. I pray that Bahamians would open their eyes and wake up like you said Sharon, I agree with everything that you have to say.


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