Do Prison Officials Have Their Priorities Wrong?

Tuesday 02nd, October 2012 / 09:32 Published by

Prison Superintendent Elliston Rahming plans to install payphones at Her Majesty’s Prison to combat the number of illegal cellphones held by inmates.

What happened to confiscating the cellphones and firing the corrupt guards who sell them to inmates?

This is like the government’s response to illegal numbers racketeering.  Instead of enforcing the law, they’ll just legalize the illegal numbers industry.  Problem solved.

If murder and incest become more of a problem, will they legalize them too?

Rahming admits the country may not be ready for the pay phone initiative, but explained that it is  something he is “certainly” considering.

“Contraband is an ever present problem in any prison and you just try as best as you can to reduce the inflow of contraband, but the problem has always been here, it will always be here, and our job is to keep it to a minimum,” he told a Tribune reporter.

His solution:  make the contraband legal.

Dr Rahming said cellphones are the most common contraband item at the prison, “When persons are incarcerated, you don’t lose your desire to relate and affiliate.”

Well, when persons are incarcerated, they also don’t lose their desire to relieve themselves.

So, prisoners can expect to use state-of-the-art payphones… right after relieving themselves in a slop bucket.

Is there something wrong with the priorites here?

Or, are payphones just another way for crooked prison guards to extort prisoners and dole out favours in exchange for bribes?

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