Hubert Ingraham’s Concession Statement

Tuesday 16th, October 2012 / 08:34 Published by

Hubert Ingraham

The voters of North Abaco have decided that Mr. Renaldo Curry will become their next Member of Parliament.  I wish also to acknowledge Mr. Greg Gomez for waging a vigorous contest during the by-election campaign.  He has a promising future and will continue to make us all proud.

There is much work to be done in terms of the economic, social and infrastructural development of North Abaco, building on the work I have been privileged to spearhead in my capacity as a Member of Parliament for 35 years and as head of government for three nonconsecutive terms.

I call on the Government to continue these efforts.  This includes working with Edison Key, and the people of North and South Abaco, in completing vital projects already in train and designed to boost Abaco’s medium and long-term development.

The practice of clean, fair campaigns is vital for our democracy.  I remain deeply concerned about numerous instances of unfair practices by the PLP and its agents during this campaign.  This included intimidation and threats of victimization.

Moving forward, we will remain vigilant against attempts to victimize those who supported the Opposition, which is their right to so do without fear or the potential of disfavor by the government of the day.

The eyes of Abaconians, and indeed that of Bahamians throughout the country, are watching to see how the future will unfold for the people of Abaco, north and south.

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