More Delays For Weissfisch vs Weisfisch Case

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The legal dispute between the millionaire Israeli brothers experienced another delay on Tuesday as the matter was adjourned to a yet-to-be determined date, to be announced by the Court of Appeal.

Few cases in the history of the modern Bahamas have so succinctly highlighted the corruption and dysfunctionality of the Bahamian court process.

The case was supposed to proceed yesterday. However, the one fo the original Appeal Court judges called in sick.

At the previous Court of Appeal hearing way back on May 9, the judges ordered that the parties involved in the dispute have their submissions filed to the appellate court by early October.

The long-running court dispute started in England back in 2006 when Rami Weisfisch was accused by his younger brother, Amir Weissfisch of refusing to account for his partnership profits.

(The brothers spell their surnames differently. Rami Weisfisch dropped an ‘s’ from the family Weissfisch surname to distinguish himself from his brother).

Their firm, the Metals Resources Group, became a dominant force in the global cobalt market in London in 1999. The company closed in 2002.

However, the dispute began when Amir, who ran Metals Resources Group (MRG) with his elder brother Rami, claimed that Rami reneged on a plan to dissolve their partnership. Amir is suing for up to $88 million.

Since 2006, claims and counter-claims have been exchanged between the parties and the case has seen at least four judges recuse themselves, plus many, many unnecessary delays.

The Appeal Court will now announce a date for the continuation of the matter.

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