Sales of Counterfeit Bags Continue

Tuesday 09th, October 2012 / 09:36 Published by

I am writing today to bring attention to the continued selling of illegal knock-off designer bags throughout the Bay Street area. Now all of the straw market people are losing out on the sale of these bags under the new rules while across the street not more than 100 feet away on Market Street there are at least three to four shops stuffed with these bags with sales people mulling around in the streets, their arms full with bags as they call out to the people. Walk down any alley on Bay Street and you find a store specialises in selling bags. People out on the Wharf with big signs calling out to the tourists. Now this is really unfair.

These are not “leftover” bags, they are still getting in the country and all over Bay Street and the Wharf. Why can’t Straw Market people sell them if everyone else selling them?  So now that the government changed, illegal bag selling is now legal again? The police see it and don’t do nothing. Nassau gone lawless under the PLP, how straw market people supposed to make a living when our best seller is gone, but everyone else still selling? Something got to be done.

Please do a story to show how slack this government is treating downtown. It ain’t right. Even the inspectors walk right by the ladies with a sign selling bags out in the open. If it right for them to sell them it should be right for all of us to sell. They go to make a decision once and for all because downtown is going to the dogs under the new government.

Kenrick Thompson
Nassau, The Bahamas
September, 2012

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