We Must Move Beyond Victimization

Monday 29th, October 2012 / 07:22 Published by

political cannibals

The issue of political victimization in the Bahamian society is a grim one which every political party that ruled The Bahamas is guilty of. Healing and resolution will only come when the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), Free National Movement (FNM) and the United Bahamian Party (UBP) principals admit to being associated with it.

Continuous denials will only sow seeds of distrust among the masses because he who feels it knows it. Nasty political divisions run deep in our country, and political victimization is the main reason for it in my view.

The Bahamas will not mature gracefully and prosperously when we are hurting one another.

We are about to celebrate 40 years of independence, and all we have to show for it is hazardous political gangs fighting to control our government and economy.

The people and country’s best interests have been lost somewhere along the way; and all we have just now is a battle to see who could fool the electorate to elect them, so that they could victimize the hell out of their political enemies without mercy.

Yes, we prefer to see our fellow Bahamian brothers and sisters as foes rather than partners for a better Bahamas for all and sundry. This is indeed a sad and depressing state of affairs.

Respect is due to Dr. Hubert Minnis the leader of the FNM for admitting that his party did victimize Bahamians while in power, and thumbs down to those in the same party who say otherwise.

The good doctor should realize now that he has wicked adversaries within the ranks of the FNM, and I believe that he has the public support in weeding out those who are in denial about his party’s past victimization reality.

These are some grave times in our nation and in order for us Bahamians to move forward, upward, onward and together we must unite accordingly.

Political victimization is alive and well in The Bahamas today; and the governing party is not the only guilty party in this regard.

Check out the various political groups on Facebook for example and one would easily discover the high level of political intolerance amongst Bahamians and towards Bahamians.

Even the most educated of us condescend to the lowest of levels when we do not agree with another brother or sister’s political perspective.

It’s like so many of us have turned into political cannibals for the sake of dedicated political affiliation.

It’s destroying us, and we will proudly celebrate 40 years of being politically divisive in 2013. What madness is this my people?

Dennis Dames


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