Bahamian Public Should Not Fund Referendum

Thursday 08th, November 2012 / 12:42 Published by

Dr. Hubert Minnis

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis said the public should not have to pay for an “opinion poll” if the upcoming gambling referendum would not bring about a constitutional change, as Prime Minister Perry Christie has asserted.

Christie noted on Monday that the government does not need a referendum to change the law on gambling, but is holding the vote to get public opinion on the issue.

Minnis insisted that if the gambling referendum — set for December 3 — is really an opinion poll Bahamian taxpayers should not have to pay for it.

“The prime minister… admitted that it is not a constitutional referendum and I’m sure he’s seeking his legal opinions, [but] if it is not a constitutional referendum then the question I’m sure he is asking all his lawyers and the Office of the Attorney General [is] how are we going to pay for this?” Minnis told The Nassau Guardian.

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