Justice Fails: Child-Killer Gets Paltry 12 Years

Monday 26th, November 2012 / 09:38 Published by

Justice system broken and failing

Troy Sweeting, a 35-year-old man, has been sentenced to a paltry 12 years in prison for beating his 3-year-old adoptive daughter to death. The reason… she had wet the bed.

In his unjustified rage Sweeting brutally battered little Jennifer Pinder with a leather strap and a PVC pipe. Jurors convicted him of manslaughter in the child’s death on August 16.

Three-year-old Jennifer died in the Intensive Care Unit of the Princess Margaret Hospital on February 25, 2007. Prosecutors alleged that she had been left in Sweeting’s care while his wife Rosetta was out.

Jennifer had been officially adopted from Mrs. Sweeting’s terminally ill sister, Lisa Cruz, in December 2006.

The Nassau Guardian reported that in an interview with police, Sweeting admitted to beating the little girl because she was “stubborn and peed the bed”. However, at trial he blamed his wife for the fatal beating.

Mrs. Sweeting testified that her niece was in good health when she left home but that she found the child’s skin was discolored with purplish black bruises when she returned.

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