Gambling Takes Nation in Wrong Direction

Tuesday 20th, November 2012 / 08:56 Published by

In economically challenging times the easiest solution is not always the best.

This choice was placed in the hands of the people because it goes against our constitutional values. If we want to change a country or culture change its laws. But we must first ask ourselves if these changes point us forward, upward, onward AND together. Would our children be able to live a standard equal to or better than that we were exposed to?

The answer to those questions indicates the true direction of our view on this issue. If we really want to help people why not start a national Asue? Our officials weren’t elected to select ideas from the highest bidder, but to exercise a fiduciary responsibility. Why would we (the people) legalize gambling where most people have to lose over and over before they win once?

A rule of thumb in gambling that everyone is aware of is “the house always wins.”  Unless you are the master of the house you’re out in the cold on the door step, one step away from begging for food.

The good part about all of this is that economic challenges have forced the Government to put the choice in the hands of the people to be exploited or not by the gaming industry. Saying yes doesn’t make the pie any bigger, but simply absorbs a good chunk of our limited resources and directs them in those areas that we have less control over. Our focus should be eliminating gaming by Bahamians completely instead of accepting it and shutting down illegal number houses. It is not a pillar that stabilizes our economy but causes it to crumble.

The Government will receive a small fraction of the proceeds of the gaming industry and the people even smaller. The proceeds that have been given back are no comparison to the lives that have been destroyed and devastated. The choice is not a difficult one. It’s only difficult for some because it’s hard for so many to admit that an addiction exists, as with any addiction.

Voting yes on referendum day will have a serious impact on the future of our country in ways that lie deeper than the surface issue. If you have a friend or relative who has been impacted by this addiction; or you have a strong moral conviction against this issues; or you are a reasonable, critically thinking Bahamian citizen and can see where this will lead to our country’s gradual demise please share this and share your views.

Let’s show the Government how serious we are about our future and our children’s future. It’s futile to get angry with the Government because it’s our choice. This isn’t about the Government. This is about the people being empowered to make decisions. We have a choice; our outcome, our future, our destiny is our responsibility; choose responsibly on referendum day.

God Bless,
Concerned Citizen
The Bahamas
November, 2012

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