Sir Durward Reflects On Glory Days Of Athletics

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Durward Knowles (left) and Tommy Robinson hold the torch to signal the start of the first Bahamas Games.

As the country mourns the loss of sports hero Thomas ‘Augustus’ Robinson, Sir Durward ‘Sea Wolf’ Knowles reflects on the glory days of athletics he encountered with his late friend. They were considered two athletes well ahead of their time.

The duo made historic strides.

A Tribune article reported: Although they were separated by the sporting disciplines they came from, Knowles said he was in awe of Robinson’s accomplishment in the track and field stadium as the renowned international sprinter was of his achievement on the water as a legendary sailor.

Robinson passed away on Sunday at the age of 74 after a long illness with cancer.

Sir Durward was quoted in The Tribune’s article: “That year [1956 in Melbourne, Australia], the Bahamas won its first Olympic medal and we in sailing was quite pleased with the performance. Tommy didn’t win a medal, but he was the first Bahamian to qualify to compete in track and field. That was just as much an accomplishment for the Bahamas as it was for me and Sloane Farrington in the Star Class of sailing.”

“So you see the connection that we had. He was indeed an outstanding Bahamian. He was a great friend of mine. Even though we competed in different sports, we still kept close.”

Besides their fame in the sporting arena, Knowles felt that Robinson possessed some of the finest attributes as a person.

“He was the lone competitor carrying the flag for the Bahamas and when you look back on what he did then, it’s hard to imagine just how he did it. Today, all of the success that we now have in track and field must be given to Tommy. It’s amazing how humble he was. I wasn’t as humble. I think I was more out-spoken.


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