Women’s Suffrage Documentary Receives Positive Response

Tuesday 27th, November 2012 / 08:50 Published by

Marion Bethel

There was “an overwhelmingly positive response” to the debut screening of the new documentary on the women’s suffrage movement in the Bahamas.

Producer/Director Marion Bethel presented the film, “Womanish Ways: Freedom, Human Rights and Democracy”, during a closed screening at Government House, Friday. The public launch of the film is Friday, December 7, at 1:30pm during the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF).

“I am really pleased now that it is finished. I am feeling in the spirit of the gift. The documentary is meant to be a gift from the team who produced it to the Bahamian community celebrating the lives of the women of the suffrage movement,” said Ms Bethel.

The 73-minute documentary chronicles the journey of Bahamian women from the 1940s to November 26, 1962, when they voted for the first time. The narrative is rooted in early resistance efforts of enslaved African women, who led freedom fighting efforts against slavery and colonisation. The documentary is dedicated to the heroic struggle of Kate Moss and Mary Prince, two enslaved women who fought for their freedom in the 19th century in the Bahamas. They became symbols of resistance within the anti-slavery abolitionist movement.

Website: www.womensuffragebahamas.com

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