Armed Robbers Targeting Female Drivers

Tuesday 18th, December 2012 / 08:59 Published by

Authorities have warned women to be on the lookout for four armed men who are causing traffic accidents and then robbing motorists.

Paul Rolle, Central Detective Unit Superintendent, told The Tribune that investigators have received several reports, mainly from women, who said they were robbed after being hit from behind by an SUV.

So far, he said, the victims have largely described to police that the culprits were driving a gold Honda CRV or Ford Explorer vehicle.

Mr Rolle said the majority of reports have come from women who are drivers of late model Hondas and Nissan Maximas.

Rodney Moncur, Bain and Grants Town Urban Renewal East Chairman, said crime had become an horrific experience for Bahamians despite the government’s pledge to throw resources at the problem.

“By my activity in the community, I know crime is on the increase,” he said. “It appears to me that Urban Renewal and all the great pomp and pageantry they attributed to it has worn off.

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