TCI Governor Welcomes Bahamian Delegation

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The Bahamian Parliamentary delegation to the November 28 opening of Parliament in the Turks and Caicos Islands visited Waterloo, the Governor’s residence, where they were warmly received by Governor Damian Todd.

Governor Todd noted how pleased he was to welcome the “very strong, distinguished delegation from The Bahamas'” as it was a very special day for TCI, following the November 9 general election.

“So, I am very pleased that your Deputy Prime Minister and your delegation are here to share this happy moment with us and also to show how very important relations are between the Turks and Caicos Islands and The Bahamas,” said Governor Todd. He noted that its about people, business, shared culture, and shared experiences and that he and the people of TCI want to work together with their Bahamian friends and neighbours.

The Bahamian delegation included Phillip Edward Davis, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works and Urban Development; Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, V. Alfred Gray, Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government, Khaalis Rolle, the Minister of State for Investments; Hope Strachan, Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport; Picewell Forbes, Bahamas High Commissioner to CARICOM; Mr. Arnold Forbes, M.P., Chairman of the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation; Senator Joseph Curry; Hubert Chipman, M.P., Opposition Spokesman for Foreign Affairs, Theo Neilly, M.P., and Mikhail Bullard, Foreign Service Officer.

Deputy Prime Minister Davis offered the support of the Bahamian Government to help the Turks and Caicos Islands where necessary, as the two countries enjoy a rich history of good relations.

“It is indeed a pleasure to be at Waterloo and I thank the Governor for his warm and gracious welcome and hospitality, said Min inter Davis.

“It was indeed a great day and a significant day for the peoples of Turks and Caicos Islands and we share their moment of joy at this moment.    And, as I said earlier, The Bahamas is the facilitator for all the peoples of the Turks and Caicos Islands, we trust that this first step to wherever they wish to go and take their country is a magnificent one and momentous one,” he said.

DPM Davis admonished them to heed the advice of Bishop Laish Boyd, who said only cooperation between the Governor, the Opposition, and the new Premier that the wishes expressed through the vote of the people will be fulfilled.

Bahamian Opposition spokesman, Hubert Chipman, made remarks about the Bahamian Government’s perception and support of TCI’s resolve to mend the division brought on by accusations and confusion that are currently under investigation.

“First of all, I’d just like to thank the Governor for inviting us here on this occasion being the inauguration of Parliament.   When I look at the Turks and Caicos over the last two or three years, which they had an interim government, not even an interim government, it was run by the Governor himself involved with a committee.   And to come to this day, and to realise what the significance of what happened today is certainly indeed a pleasure to be a part of and witness it today,” he said

Mr. Chipman said The Bahamas and Turks Island are one set of people and that Turks Islanders played a significant role in majority rule for The Bahamas in 1967. He said what has happened in the TCI is certainly a new beginning.

Caption: Governor Damian Todd extends an invitation to the Bahamian Delegation to his Turks and Caicos residence, Waterloo.   Governor Todd is standing with Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell on his left. (BIS Photo / Gena Gibbs).

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