3rd Annual BOB Love That Child Concert Happens January 20

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Local entertainers and students will come together along with the Philadelphia 76-ers pre-pro dance team Sunday at the Rainforest Theatre, Wyndham Nassau Resort, to raise money for three children’s homes in the third annual Love That Child concert sponsored by BOB.

Funky D, Veronica Bishop, Julien Believe, Meridian School, EPIC and Damien Davis are among the headliners for the event expected to draw hundreds. Proceeds benefit the Ranfurly Home for Children, Children’s Emergency Hostel and for the first time, the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home. Thanks to the award-winning bank’s efforts, more than $15,000 has been raised since BOB adopted the Love That Child campaign in 2010.

“The event takes its name, Love That Child, from original music written and performed by Damien Davis, a remarkably talented young man who grew up at the Hostel and at Ranfurly,” said Paul McWeeney, BOB Managing Director. “From the first time that staff heard Damien sing, they made a commitment to help others in the homes that had been home to him and to which he returns to this day as his time off from work allows to share his story and his music.” Davis has often been referred to as the success that can come from the most humble beginnings. Now a manager at the Marine Mammal division of Atlantis, he has often credited the love and care he got at Ranfurly with the good fortune that has accompanied him since.

BOB, which produced Davis’s music, partnered in the first production with an international film group, including young stars who had just performed in the popular ‘tween movie, Standing Ovation. Most were from the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. The connection between the group, the movie’s producers and the choreographer who also headed up the famed Philadelphia 76-ers dance team, was so strong that friendship turned into return tips to Nassau, substantial physical improvements to the home and two benefit concerts in Philadelphia with Bahamians Funky D and Damien Davis starring to sell-out crowds.

“This year’s production will involve dozens of dancers from Eurythmic Dance Studio, Roger J and once again the great energy of Lisa McCartney and the students from Meridian School,” said co-organizer Karen Rawlings. “There will also be a special tribute to T’rez Hepburn, who passed away recently, a great loss to the Bahamian music scene.”

One of the hottest numbers touted for this year’s concert, said dance director Debbie Apalucci, is Caribbean Slide to be performed by Julien Believe. Tickets are $5 for children and $15 for adults and are available at BOB branches, Ranfurly Home for Children and Diane Phillips & Associates, 394-0677. The event starts at 3 pm.

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