Abaco Police Hoping To ID Mystery Man

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Police in Abaco want to identify a mystery man caught on surveillance video who they believe is behind a number of robberies and house and shop breakings in the Marsh Harbour community.

A photo of the suspected robber was released on Tuesday and the police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the short pant, flip-flop wearing mystery man.

According to Superintendent Noel Curry, who is in charge of the Abaco District, the suspect is wanted for questioning in connection with the crimes which have been perpetrated on businesses and homes in Marsh Habour over the last several weeks.

“The surveillance camera has him actually going in, it is actually the clearest one we can get,” the Abaco police chief said.

While police were stomped as of yesterday in putting a name to the mystery man’s face, they are confident that someone will recognize him, phone that information in and help to snuff him out.

The culprits always moved in on businesses during the night hours.

“We believe he has been doing this now throughout the month of November and December, ” Supt. Curry said.

The culprits who targeted the homes and business houses in the Marsh Harbour area stole away with clothing items and electronics such as laptops.

But police also believe the suspected burglar is not working alone.

Anyone with information on the identification of the mystery man or his where abouts is asked to contact the Marsh Harbour Police Station at 367-2560, 367- 3437, 911, 919 or your nearest police station.

Police are also assuring that any information given will be kept in the strictest confidence.

In other news from Abaco, police took wanted man Nevin Russell into custody after he had evaded capture for several weeks.

The 44-year-old Crockett Drive, Marsh Harbour resident was wanted by police for questioning for housebreaking, shop breaking and stealing.

He was arrested on that northern island in the Pigeon Pea area on Friday, December 29, 2012, around 7:40 p.m.

He is expected to be arraigned in the Magistrates Court in Marsh Harbour today.

By Lededra Marche
FN News Editor

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  • It is time now that protocol start doing what they need to do and that is contact the Prison dept and view files of persons that were released from the institution and develop profiles on prior offenders, regardless of what they are doing. It is time to network in the various disciplines; Prison, Police, Defense Force, Immigration, Customs. I know I am employed as an Officer for the past Twenty Eight years.


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