Gunmen Did Not Deter Operation Potcake

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Response to the recent article titled, Gunman Hold Up Potcake Helpers published on the cover page of The Big T on the 19th of January.

While the article provided a detailed account of the incident between Potcake trapping staff and armed assailants as well as provided media exposure for Operation Potcake campaign, we, the undersigned, would like to amend several of the article’s statements.

It is a fact that certain volunteers left Nassau to return to Canada as a result of this incident, our trapping team, who were directly involved in the robbery have, in fact, chosen to remain and honour our commitment to the Operation Potcake team, the dogs and the community. While those involved were understandably shaken-up due to the event, we will remain on the island to assist with Operation Potcake’s efforts.

The event was certainly a wake-up call for the need of increased awareness and security. We all understand that there are elements in every country, culture and society that choose to hide behind threats of violence and to prey on innocent people. Yet we know that despite these types of individuals, we must continue to work to help the animals and the community.

The actions of these individuals do not represent the welcoming and supportive culture of the Bahamian people.

The outpouring of concern and support for our team has been incredible. Operation Potcake has been an amazing collaborative effort, bringing together volunteers and animal welfare advocates from seven different countries. We would therefore like to express our gratitude to all of the local people who have shown up to volunteer and participate in the campaign and the residents that have brought their dogs to be spayed and neutered. It is our hope that this campaign will aid in bringing attention to the challenges facing Potcakes on the island and to increase both human and animal welfare.

Operation Potcake’s overwhelming success and the friends we’ve made and the great work we’ve done are the memories we will take with us, along with the hope that Operation Potcake’s lasting impression, even including the robbery, will help encourage people to be kinder to all of Earth’s inhabitants, both human and animal.

Again, we want to thank the Bahamian people and government officials for being such gracious hosts and hope to be able to return in the future to help further improve the lives of the animals of this great country.

Christopher Hersha
Doug Kohout
Billie Lambert

Operation Potcake,
January 20, 2013.

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  • What kind of a place is The Bahamas, where armed criminals would rob foreign volunteers who came there to help with a stray dog problem that uncaring, irresponsible Bahamians created for themselves. They should be spaying and neutering the people of the Bahamas, they aren’t fit to reproduce.


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