PLP Restores Piracy in The Bahamas

Monday 21st, January 2013 / 08:30 Published by

Perry Christie and his PLP government have loosed a plague in our country.

The prime minister told the nation Tuesday that his government cannot close all of the web shops.  I believe that means that they do not have the will to do so.  Though claiming that his government does not have a “horse in the race” the prime minister said that he could not advise Bahamians against accepting employment in the illegal gambling enterprise or with the “Vote Yes” campaign because they need jobs and no one is able to help them.  He then said that a no vote on January 28 would result in further unemployment.

These same points can be made with regard to prostitution and the sale of recreational drugs in our country.  These illegal activities are closely associated with gambling all over the world.  Does the Christie-led government propose to also legalize these other illegal job creating activities all in the name of job creation?

This must be where Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis expected to find those 10,000 new jobs he promised the new PLP government would create right after the general election.  Our fortunes have been reversed; it seems that May 7 expelled honest commerce and restored piracy.

God help us because our government has abandoned us.

By:  Kirkland Turner

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