Police Shoot Man in Face

Sunday 27th, January 2013 / 10:17 Published by

A police officer shot an unidentified man in the face early yesterday morning because the officer felt ‘threatened’.

Police said officers were on mobile patrol around 1:50am on Friday in the area of Club Links, located on Madeira Street, when they observed two men, one of whom was armed with a cutlass, approaching a black Chevy Impala.

“As the officers approached, one of the men jumped into the vehicle and rolled over one of the officer’s feet, throwing him to the ground,” the police report said.

“The officer, who was in great fear of his life, withdrew his service revolver and fired at the vehicle, resulting in one of the suspicious men receiving injuries to the face. The driver of the vehicle then sped off.”

The officer reportedly received injuries to the left leg, back and arm. He was transported to hospital where he is detained in stable condition, police said. Up to yesterday, he was in stable condition in hospital.

Meantime, police are searching for the driver of the vehicle and are appealing to  anyone who may have information regarding his whereabouts to contact police at 919 or 328-TIPS.

Superintendent Stephen Dean said police received information about the two men shortly before the incident happened. However, he did not reveal what the report was. He said police intend to question the injured suspect after he is released from hospital.

Source:  The Tribune

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