The Bahamas on a Slippery Slope

Wednesday 16th, January 2013 / 09:07 Published by

Do not stay home and miss the opportunity to vote no.

You may be thinking this gambling issue is not that important, or that nothing is going to change, but you are wrong.

This vote gives the Bahamian people the opportunity to start healing the country from a moral perspective and stops us from descending into so many other morally bankrupt issues.

We are on a very slippery slope that we can start the process of stopping by voting no.  Let us send the message that we want all laws enforced and we are starting with gambling.

Gambling does nothing to enforce discipline and hard work. It is unproductive and will lead to more pain in families and put more strain on our social services. If the only positive that people see in gambling is money for the government then we as a people are not being very industrious and we will only produce a lazy workforce based on living by chance.

I believe we as a people can come up with a better way to tax income than to generate an income based on greed that leads to a mentality of getting something for nothing.

Let us change our culture by voting no. Let us head down the path of becoming a hardworking industrious people who will make the world mark the manner of our bearing and show that righteousness does exalt a nation.

If we don’t vote and just say I can’t be bothered, then it will not be long before we are faced with the gay marriage issue or the legalization of drugs. We have to take a stand now and vote no and set our country on a future that will allow us to march on to glory.

Get out and vote no. Your future depends on it.

By:  Andy Knowles

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