Video Testimony Soon To Be Allowed By Courts

Monday 14th, January 2013 / 08:36 Published by

Allyson Maynard GibsonAttorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson said that legislation to allow video conferencing to be used in matters prior to criminal cases going to trial is expected to be brought to parliament shortly.

Speaking at the Legal Year Opening on Wednesday morning, Mrs Maynard-Gibson said that video conferencing, along with other technological measures to be implemented, would improve the efficiency of the  Bahamas’ judiciary and make it the best among the region.

“The effective use of video conferencing is a critical tool for efficiency and cost saving” said Mrs Maynard-Gibson, adding that in 2012, “evidence has been received by video conferencing in several cases.”

“Legislation will shortly be brought to Parliament that will enable bails, arraignments, case management and any other application before trial to be conducted by video conference.”

“By January 2014, we hope that Judges and Magistrates will see fit, save in exceptional cases, to bring from Her Majesty’s Prison only persons being tried; all other matters being heard by video conference from the remand centre at the prison.”


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