A ‘Night Of Love’ That Never Happened

Monday 25th, February 2013 / 09:20 Published by

Frustrated fans of musician Beres Hammond anxiously awaited the entertainer’s presence at this weekend’s ‘Night of Love’ concert – only to be informed hours later that the star of the event wouldn’t even be attending.

In this video report from Cable 12, Hammond insists that his absence wasn’t deliberate; he scheduled to go on stage no later than 12:30am and, apparently, he wasn’t even paid for his appearance (or lack thereof).

Hammond’s manager, Mervis Walsh, explained that this was the fifth time in the Bahamas that compensation problems prevented his client from performing.

Hammond has expressed his disappointment at the misunderstanding and spoke of his ‘special relationship’ with Bahamian fans. He also vowed to return to the Bahamas to perform… but that won’t happen for at least three years.

According to the Cable 12 report, Above The Rim Entertainment have taken full responsibility for Hammond not performing and have acknowledged that it was their fault for not living up to their end of the bargain.


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