Gestapo-like Bahamas Police Out of Control

Tuesday 19th, February 2013 / 08:36 Published by

On Friday night last following a harrowing night of road blocks and seat belt checks on the very safe and secure East Bay Street the boys (police) obviously getting no action decided at 12:01am to raid Club Waterloo again and tell the predominantly minority white party-goers that it was time to go home, or they would be put in the paddy wagon.

Did they need the machine guns – did they need sixteen machine gun toters – eight cars and the black mariah?

Did they not need a warrant? Who sent these legal hooligans? Why? Who is running the country these days? The cops or the courts?

Great country if you don’t sicken!  Where is Wayne Munroe when you need him?

Bruce G Raine
Nassau, Bahamas
February, 2013



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