Man Arraigned For Human, Drug Smuggling

Friday 08th, February 2013 / 09:08 Published by

Barrington Robinson, a 48-year-old Jamaican man, returned to court Thursday on a charge of possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply. Appearing before Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethel on Tuesday he changed his plea four times.

Robinson, along with six others were pulled over in a van following a failed attempt to be smuggled into the United States. He is expected to reveal whether or not he owns the marijuana found in the vehicle.

The magistrate granted him time to think about his plea after he claimed he was under pressure and duress.

Robinson, along with countrymen Roger Williams, 33, of Kingston; Christopher Salmon, 44, of Westmore; Kirk Wilson, 33, of St James; and Suszanna Latouche, 46, of Kingston were arraigned on the charge, as were Haitian national Junior St Jean, 22, of Carmichael Road; and Bahamian Richard Johnson, 42.

Fourteen pounds of marijuana in two separate packages were found in the vehicle.

Acting on a tip on possible human smuggling, officers were were on the look out for a van around the Harbour Shopping Centre area.

In his interview with police, Robinson said he didn’t know how the drugs got in the bag.


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